Aleka’s Attic. scales and fishnails.

They say River wanted to be a musician. That he didn’t really care about his movie star status and his career in Hollywood. All he wanted was to write songs, jam with friends and perform live.

Aleka’s Attic, the band he put together with his sister Rain and some friends, was his attempt at starting a music career.

The band recorded and performed live dozen of songs but disbanded in 1992 after a record deal with Island Records fell through. Their album remains unreleased to these days.

River kept writing and performing live until his death in 1993 and recorded a song “Height Down” with John Frusciante (available on the “lost” album “Smile from the streets you hold”).

“Scales and Fishnails” is a short ballad (44 seconds), an acoustic lullaby sung by River and Rain. Sweet, charming and impossibly beautiful for a song so short I’d say.



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