David Peel & Death. king of punk.

Interesting facts about Mr. David Peel:

  1. his debut album (1968 on Elektra Records) is the first major label LP to contain the word                 motherf-cker
  2. good friend with John Lennon and Yoko Ono (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThUkPscsUEU), he was signed to Apple Records, The Beatles’ record label.
  3. the LP he put out while on Apple Records is the infamous “The Pope Smokes Dope”. It was, of course, a flop but a legendary one.

In 1978, with the punk/CBGB scene on the rise, he decided to claim his status of First Punk, King of Punk. Roaming the streets of the Lower East Side (name of his first band as well) since 1968!

And he did it in his style with an epochal “F-ck You” to all the greatest US and UK punk bands of the time. All namechecked.

The music? the highly distorted riff is taken from the classic “Steppin’ Stone” and his band provides great, shouted out loud backing vocals.

The importance and the greatness of this song do not end here. His critique of the punk scene is very clever indeed. He addresses the drug issue that was plaguing the scene:

everything you think is cool when you’re stoned

Using his hippie rhetoric he underlines the need for real punk bands to speak for and to the man on the street:

If you wanna be a punk, go live on the street. Power to the people singing on the street.

Power to the people. uh, Patti Smith?

A Classic!



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