Sibylle Baier. colour green.

The poetry of this story.

Nighttime. There is a young woman, a model/actress*, playing an acoustic guitar and singing close to a reel to reel tape recorder. She is doing it quietly, she does not want to bother her husband and her little son that are sleeping in the other room.

She started writing songs after a trip with a friend. from Strasbourg to Genoa. No one outside her circle of family and friends was supposed to listen to them. And things stayed like that for more than 30 years until her son gave a copy of those recordings to J Mascis.

2006. Orange Twin, an indie record label, puts out “Colour Green”, a selection of those recordings.

14 songs.

Again: Sybille, her soft voice, her everyday stories of undisturbed innocence, an acoustic guitar played the way L. Cohen used to, that room and the quiet night.

Songwriting at its purest.

*you can see her in Wim Wender’s “Alice in the Cities” (1974)



Peter Green. the end of the game.

Some people can play guitar and some can’t. It’s that easy.

In the late ’60s/early ’70s, Peter Green was heading towards hell.

In 1970 he left Fleetwood Mac in May and a month later recorded the jam session later edited and published as “The End of the Game”, his first solo album.

You’re not going to find “songs” in here; just one of the greatest guitarist of all time, in his prime, jamming and experimenting with these guys:

  • Zoot Money – piano
  • Nick Buck – keyboards
  • Alex Dmochowski – bass guitar
  • Godfrey Maclean – drums, percussion

Peter will come back at the end of the decade with new, critically acclaimed LPs but whatever inspired him “The End of Game”, that fire, was gone forever. For the better, maybe.

Just like the angry tiger on the cover of the record, you want to stay away from these fires. They can burn you from the inside out. Peter Green knows it.