Phoenix. 2017.

Late 2015.

Have Records – Will Spin was born as a 9 episodes’ music show on FuseFM, University of Manchester’s student radio. The name, an homage to Have Guns – Will Travel, CBS Radio Network’s western drama show aired between November 23, 1958, and November 27, 1960. Western Radio Drama? What’s that? Sounds nonsense, right? Just like buying a record nowadays. To most people, at least. Got it?

9 playlists. 9 stories. Here’s the list:

  • Tonight it’s about us
  • Kick out the jams! Some of the best Live Records
  • The Darker the Flesh, The Deeper the Roots
  • The lost art of a good duet
  • A rock and roll teenager in the noughties
  • Still remember the Golden Age of Hip Hop
  • Put on your most extravagant clothes, it’s Glam-O-Rama night (’70s style)
  • One sunny afternoon in the ’90s
  • Young, excitable, nervous, on the run in the 80s

You can still listen to them on our Facebook page:

Feb 2017.

Have Records – Will Spin is reborn. Eclectic jukebox of old and new stories. Good Music.

At your service.