Willie Loco Alexander. Gin.

A legend. yes. no euphemism.

Have a look at his “CV”.

Willie started his career as founder of The Lost, one the best garage bands of the 60s. He then joined Doug Yule’s Velvet Underground (the band nobody wants to talk about) replacing a guy named Lou Reed. He has since written a dozen of albums as a solo artist, with his Boom Boom Band and The Confessions (his early 80’s band under contract with the French punk rock label New Rose Records). Honestly, it’s hard to keep track of all his projects throughout the decades.

The Music? A Garage Rock hero, with his piano/keyboards he has played Rock & Roll, Punk, New Wave and everything in between.

A talented lyricist as well, one who pays great attention to the sound of each word.

Gin, written for a then girlfriend, is not his most famous song (check out the timeless “Kerouac”) but its fresh new wave sound made it an instant classic.