Peter Green. the end of the game.

Some people can play guitar and some can’t. It’s that easy.

In the late ’60s/early ’70s, Peter Green was heading towards hell.

In 1970 he left Fleetwood Mac in May and a month later recorded the jam session later edited and published as “The End of the Game”, his first solo album.

You’re not going to find “songs” in here; just one of the greatest guitarist of all time, in his prime, jamming and experimenting with these guys:

  • Zoot Money – piano
  • Nick Buck – keyboards
  • Alex Dmochowski – bass guitar
  • Godfrey Maclean – drums, percussion

Peter will come back at the end of the decade with new, critically acclaimed LPs but whatever inspired him “The End of Game”, that fire, was gone forever. For the better, maybe.

Just like the angry tiger on the cover of the record, you want to stay away from these fires. They can burn you from the inside out. Peter Green knows it.